Our Capabilities


If you see a need to develop your business or community and people into one where continual learning is valued and expected, challenge is part of how you want to work, you are prepared to take personal risks and challenge boundaries, success is being reworked to include personal, professional and business and community outcomes, then we can tailor and develop interventions to meet your needs including the following areas where we consult, train and advise:

Staff development including:
    • Leadership, executive and team building
    • Workplace communication
    • Conflict management and negotiation skills
    • Customer focus development
    • Management skills development
    • Assessment/development centre approaches
    • Coaching and Mentoring
    • Change management
    • Counselling and highly effective personal and interpersonal skills
    • Presentation skills
    • Career development
    • Developing thinking skills, decision making and creativity
Organisational and HR development including:
    • Training needs analysis, program design and material development
    • Research and action learning processes, including all aspects of survey design, online and paper based implementation, data analysis, interpretation , strategic action planning
    • Staff selection, recruitment and testing
    • Staff and performance reviews
    • Community consultation and social impact assessment
    • Complex facilitation
Business and productivity development
    • Business plan development and diagnostics
    • Organisational reviews
    • Culture assessment and renewal
    • Marketing assistance, market research
    • Strategic planning
    • Visioning processes
    • Scenario development & planning
    • Process consultation