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Chris Patty – Director  CEEJAI Consulting Pty Ltd

Most of Chris’s life has revolved around change and flexibility which might explain why this is probably his 5th major career. Prior to starting CEEJAI Consulting in 1998, he was a senior consultant with Acumen Consulting Pty Ltd. He was previously the national development and training manager for Team Management Systems Australia. In a number of past lives he has developed and managed an independent theatre company as well as a small transport business. He was also a head of department in a large Brisbane metropolitan high school.  He is a firm believer in lifelong learning which he practices daily with his partner and 4 children.

Chris is an organisational development consultant who has worked extensively across the public and private sector in Australia and Asia Pacific. He believes strongly in the premise of developing organisations with and through their people. Responsibility needs to develop and be practiced at the level at which decisions are made.  He draws on an eclectic mix of consulting experiences in the work he does with organisations.  A focus of his work is his preference for using action methods and spontaneity, which are participative and collaborative and usually challenging and engaging. A skilled facilitator, he has honed his abilities in a number of diverse industries including education, the arts, health, and transport.  He enjoys the challenge or working across all levels of organisations from the strategic to operations.

Bernadette Rutyna – Director Systems in Action

Bernadette has a passion and vision for working with people and organisations to build leadership capability, create highly effective work environments and enhance organisational learning and performance. Her significant experience has involved effectively operating at all staff levels within diverse and widely dispersed organisations, at state, national and international forums.

She employs various strategies to motivate and engage people, with a focus on empowerment, commitment, and building knowledge and skills to reflect and act on individual and organisational learning.

With over 15 years of experience and significant expertise across business sectors in leadership and management development, organisational and cultural change, coaching and mentoring, and building teams to learn together and improve performance, she has assisted a range of public and private sector organisations to enhance their capacity and align vision and values to achieve results. She has a drive to ensure that organisations come to recognise their potential, build innovative responses, learn to deal with a rapidly changing world and create their vision for the future.



We work with a number of excellent people workers and organisation development specialists. These are enduring trusting relationships we’ve created over a long history of collaboration and partnering. We’re pleased to list them as associates and encourage you to visit their sites and contact them directly.They include:


The moreno collegum is the premium organisation in Qld promoting  and facilitating the use of Psychodrama for personal and professional development. They consistently raise the bar on what constitutes highly effective experiential individual and group methods. Click onto their website to access training and development opportunities as well as great resources and events.


Interchange is the home-site for Bob Dick, one of the pre-eminent action research practitioners in Australia. The site offers information on Bob’s workshops and his highly valued publications. There is a wealth of wisdom and information on action learning and action research to be found here.

Evans and Peck Asia

Evans and Peck Asia are developing a reputation for innovation and creativity in leadership and organisational development. We’re pleased to partner with them on exciting new initiatives. A number of Evans and Peck initiatives bridge the gap between corporate responsibility and genuine empathy in community development. Log onto their website to find details of their corporate – community real time team challenges – Very uplifting and inspirational work!

Dr Arthur Poropat – Griffith Uni School of Applied Psychology

Prior to commencing an academic career, Arthur Poropat had worked in the fields of human resource management and organisational change for organisations as diverse as Endeavour Foundation, Department of Lands and CSR. For over a decade he has been teaching and researching at Griffith University, firstly in the Griffith Business School and currently in the School of Psychology, and has a strong interest in individual and organisational performance, especially academic and non-formal types of performance