Our approach

[h3]HOW WE WORK[/h3]

Consultation to us  is much more than simply providing clients with expert advice or processes. The consultation process itself is critical to the success of  interventions. Our aim is to work with you to develop a partnership which builds mutual trust and delivers practical programs that meet your needs and expectations. Like any successful relationship, either personal or professional, a partnership needs to be worked at. It involves as much learning for us as it does for the people we work with, which is why we’re committed to putting the work in with you.

We value interventions that are sensitively managed and stem from the needs of those immediately affected by change processes. This is why we think consultancy is a cross between a science and a performing art. We need to be flexible and purposeful in working with people to achieve outcomes.  Meaningful and purposeful change can only develop through well developed relationships between all parties involved in the change process. We look beyond the quick fix. Our vision of excellence is to provide consultation services for organisations and communities that wish to foster the development of their people



From experience we’ve found that successful associations with us have involved:

Quality Leadership and Trust

Participation at the highest level encourages effective outcomes. To get the outcomes you want you need to have the commitment and involvement of your senior leaders. Besides, people know when something looks artificial. If your leaders aren’t visible in the change process and don’t respond to change initiatives then the consequences may involve delays, sabotage, offtracking, overruns etc.

There are many correct answers

We don’t assume that previous success will lead to future success. We know that you need to learn from the past and apply that in the present to develop insightful change. This is why we are constantly learning and adapting to new methods and methodologies and processes. We constantly assess the appropriateness of our interventions in the light of your needs.

A Commitment to Learning

This applies equally to us as to you. We consider lifelong learning necessary for growth, but more importantly an attitude for how to constantly improve on what we do.



This is how we think we add value to you, your business and organisation.


  • We take the time to understand your business and your needs. We have a range of tools and interventions which help improve the quality of advice and solutions
  • We design with you specific business interventions to meet your defined outcomes.
  • Our services minimise your administrative burden – we streamline the effort to work with external resources
  • We provide reliable and objective views on issues
  • Access to a continuously updated data base of developments in business, and individual management practices
  • Cost effective ways of improving and changing the ways you work
  • Practical, hands on development resources



We have a number of key principles which underpin our work. In each of our services and interventions our intention is to:

  • make creativity a core value
  • construct purposeful personal and organisational mythologies
  • help people develop pluralistic views of themselves and their work
  • build multicultural awareness
  • be purposefully eclectic in our interventions
  • build metacognition
  • thinking about thinking
  • skill for mental flexibility