Leadership Aglity Conference follow ups

We’ve had fantastic feedback following the “Leadership Agility in a Dramatically Changing World” conference. You can download the conference papers at our latest news page – http://humaningredient.com.au/latest-news – but we were delighted with the spirit of inquiry and co=operation developed with the conference delegates. Our idea of creating a conference which had the potential to build good connections between participants, create an atmosphere of trust and intimacy to enable skill development, as well as deliver currency in terms of demographics, trends, concepts and information impacting leaders has been well received.

A brief snapshot on the conference if you missed it: The Brisbane Playback Theatre Troupe opened the conference and quickly enabled participants to arrive , get present and purposeful for the two days. Stories were dramatically enacted by the troupe about people’s leadership journey to get to the conference and their expectations and questions they were looking at answering during the conference. Bernard Salt then took the group into a future focused pre-flective examination of where we’ve been and what to look forward to re some significant Aussie demographics and the impact of this on leadership.

Participants then chose from one of the three streams created for the two days for the first of the 1/2 day depth workshops – Personal, Organisational and Community Leadership. Hilary Langford, Chris Patty and Bernadette Rutyna and Denise Hagan workshopped current areas of interest with their groups. The participants reconvened in the afternoon for a “speakers corner” – networking with intent. A number of the workshop leaders and participants engaged with each other in informal but highly energetic conversations over drinks.

Day two started with Margaret Smith’s challenge to create your own purposeful leadership journey. This was well met with the participants in this highly interactive session. We then entered into the second and third round of choosing for participants in each of the conference streams. We’ll name all the workshop leaders here as they each, within their own stream, continued to create a productive and joyful conference experience with participants: Margaret Smith, Barry Brewster, Howard Nielsen, Greg Latemore, Emma Thomas and Nette Griggs.

We reconvened briefly for sharing with participants before rounding our the conference at 4.30. We’re looking at follow up experiential conferences which build on the themes eleborated in this conference. Additional comments and feedback from participants will follow in later posts.


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